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Came into the world of hardware

It is understood that the hardware has entered the ranks of the world, although most are private enterprises, but in China played an important role in the development of the hardware industry.
Is the hardware tools manufacture and exporter in China, global sales of power tools, most of which are from the production and export of, China has become the world's leading suppliers of power tools. However, in General, metal tool industrial technology innovation capacity and weak, market structure is single brand is weak, many hardware manufacturers often lack core competence.
Although China's hardware industry development, but still lags far behind the development of machine tool industry. Annual tool sales of 14.5 billion yuan in China, the proportion of carbide tool under 25% not only far removed from tool products in the international market structure, domestic manufacturing cannot meet the growing demand for cemented carbide tool.
At present, the cutter structural imbalances is the production of tools and needs no road. From mechanical manufacturing technology development trends, the high proportion of CNC machine tools will increase year by year, efficient and advanced tools will be a rapid increase in demand, while the traditional standard tool needed to decreasing.
Basis of current industry enterprise management weak, persistent problems in the management of access to an effective solution, have become a serious enterprise stronger and bottleneck of scientific development. Among them, the research and development system of management has also become an important part of enterprise management innovation. Domestic enterprises in the establishment of a research and Development Center, research and development project management, senior talent introduction and cultivation and optimization of excitation system of personnel, there are gaps in soft power.