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Chinese fastener production needs to be improved

Production of high strength bolts, whether raw materials supply, or consistency of production, are not a problem at the top of the car industry, associated equipment, technology can be improved as soon as possible by various means. Made of high strength bolt products difficult to achieve mass production, one of the key reasons is the lack of enterprise data accumulation, companies didn't do enough work. In bolt surface treatment, for example, parts of the bolt material and fixed material is not the same as, you need to add products coating, ensuring enough friction to prevent the bolt corrosion loss, and this seemingly simple painting links an enterprise to accumulate numerous experimental data.
In addition, the bolt in the car industry, we are not only concerned about strength, also the high precision, such as nozzles use small bolts on the engine. Development of high strength bolts, high precision for auto industry direction.
Now, the domestic fastener enterprises should adjust products structure in a timely manner, changes in production patterns, under reference Japan bolt industrial modes of production. In Japan, a bolt company is likely to have only a few people, is composed entirely of mechanical and manual production models, and business is relatively simple, only some several bolt or is responsible for the production of bolts of a process step. Several such enterprises in series form a complete bolt-making industry chain. Companies like very strong professional, product excellence.