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Jane read plastic screw injection molding knowledge

1. specimens or small quantities to purchase before you buy trial: plastic injection molding quality will always be mixed. Often find plastic injection mould for the Flash, pin marks, injection mold gate, depression, and other minor imperfections.
2. the lathe machine parts production raw material for nylon rod, tolerance will be higher in the process.
3. the molding of plastics screws also faced humidity beset by problems. Nylon will absorb moisture from the air, this causes the nylon product size there would be a change.
4. injection mold of plastic screw also has its own problems. All injection molded nylon screws from the mold. The cavity has two modes, the two half must exactly match to produce the perfect product.
5. nylon paint problems. All raw materials are natural nylon nylon screws resin. Colors increase the humidity of nylon.