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CD weld system

To get work done quickly and reliably is really important on today’s jobs. At Melparts , we know that easy to use portable stud welding can be helpful to install all types of fasteners in a fast and practical way. And we know help.

Weld Pins, sometimes called “Weld Nails”, can be welded using Capacitor Discharge stud welding, a process that is often called “CD” welding for short.

This is a portable welding process which uses readily-available electric power from an everyday, one-hundred-and-ten-volt power outlet.

In addition to being portable, CD Welding Systems have:

simple components

work quickly

and can be used on sheet metal thickness material to apply a variety of Welded Fasteners using capacitor discharge welding

Using the CD process for Pin welding offers a strong weld quickly and reliably to impale insulating materials. It can be used with Stainless & Mild Steel, even coated and Galvanized materials, plus Aluminum; with no burn-through of the metal, and no special welding setup.

The process of Capacitor Discharge welding occurs in a series of 4 fast steps:



Placement of the Pin and

“Completion” of the Weld

The standard, portable CD system consists of:

The Controller [ or Power Unit] which is plugged into the one-hundred-and-ten-volt outlet.

The CD Gun with Cables is used to command the power unit and deliver weld current, with the Gun also serving as the Pin holder to properly place the pin during welding.

Then, on the other side of “the circuit” a ground cable and clamping connection is attached to the work-surface to complete our Capacitor Discharge connections.

And finally, special Accessories are used to hold the Pin in the Gun.


These parts make up the CD weld system.


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