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We’ll Make Sure Your Stud Welding Applications Work. We Promise!

We’ll Make Sure Your Stud Welding Applications Work. We Promise!

The latest technology, trends, and top-notch design are how Midwest Fasteners assures your applications work for you. We specialize in stud welded fasteners and insulations fasteners of all sorts and our technical expertise can solve problems quickly.

Our sales and technical staff has decades of experience – so we have the knowledge and know-how to approach technical services on a case-by-case basis until it works! We know how to troubleshoot problems for lots of situations, whether it is a longtime user or in a start-up situation as a new user. Depending on your needs, we can often perform a diagnosis by telephone to help identify your concerns. If you’re using a model from our newer equipment, we’ll use our built-in, on-board diagnostic systems to help identify, and solve, problems fast. So we’re happy to walk you through the process, and help fix problems to get you back to work and production as quickly as possible.

We know that you have deadlines, and turnaround time can be crucial. So when troubleshooting more complex issues, our field Sales staff can come to you to get the job done! We visit manufacturing plants or job-sites where studwelding equipment and applications are in use. Midwest Fasteners will get your equipment up and running to your satisfaction. Our goal is 100% repeatability.

We’re able to give you immediate answers. We’re committed to our customers, and will work with your design engineers and personnel to ensure the success of your product. Visit the technical services section of our brand new website for more details!