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DIN 25201 Double Fold Self-locking Washers

Self-locking washer

    Self-locking washers are used in conjunction with weld pins, insulation anchors and lacing anchors to fasten insulation in place, simply press with self locking washer onto the pin up to the insulation until the desired position is reached, then clip off or bend over the remaining portion of pin for a permanent attachment
    Both round or square self locking washers are available as a matter of design or application preference, The domed, multi-lanced hole design provides for ease of locating washer on pin and positive locking. Washers are manufactured with a beveled edge to prevent the washer from cutting into the insulation facing.
Self-locking washers are available according to the chart below and with standard 14GA, 12GA, 3mm or 10GA hole sizes.